153 Fish

There is Gospel story in the book of John we read this Easter season that goes something like this…

It’s post-resurrection, and a few of Jesus’ disciples head out to fish on the Sea of Galilee.  But alas, after a night on the water, they catch nothing. Jesus then appears on the shore. He tells them to cast the net once more. They bring in 153 fish. A heavy haul. And yet, even under that weight, it is written, “the net was not torn.”

With very little fishing experience, I can only imagine what 153 fish would weigh. But with a little life exprience, I think I have an idea.

I think it is as heavy as an 11 month old who just will not sleep unless held. I think it is as heavy as a two year old who will not let her mother out of sight. I think it is as heavy as unexpected challenges. As heavy as work stress. As heavy as hard decisions. As heavy as sleepless nights. As heavy as unwanted change. As heavy as health scares. As heavy as uncertainty. As heavy as loss. As heavy as heartbreak. As disappointment. As anxiety. As fear.

153 fish is as heavy as anything that weighs you down today.

Yet…”the net was not torn.”

The all-knowing and all-loving Savior asked his friends to cast the net. He knew just how many fish they would catch, and how heavy it would be. He knew they would struggle. And he knew it would be hard. But he also knew they were capable. To lift it. To drag it ashore. To bring it to His feet. He knew they could. And they did. Then He took those fish, and prepared for them a feast.

So we too will carry the weight. We will lift it. Maybe drag it. And we will trust. Not only that the net will not tear, but that our Lord waits patiently on the shore. On solid ground. With open arms. With love. And once we reach His arms, He will take our 153 fish and prepare for us a feast.