What to Say…

What an intimidating beginning. An endless white page overflowing with blank space and crammed with possibilities patiently waiting to emerge.

And here I am, bringing to life a speck of an idea, stoking the spark of an inspiration, starting a blog. And here you are, reading. So welcome. Welcome to my immensely satisfying and daring adventure.

Why me, you wonder? And rightfully so. My dearest and most honest family and friends can attest that my talent does not lie in transforming thrift store bottles into a chic chandelier no matter how encouraging the DYI Pinterest pictures promise to be. I often forget important ingredients in recipes I’m faithfully following step-by-step in the simplest of cookbooks, often written for beginners. I do not follow a new-age health and fitness routine filled with flax shakes and underwater yoga. And I often choose against the gym when I have to defrost my car. Configuring my finances every month is nothing short of a Christmas miracle. I don’t buy eye shadow, lip liner, or curling irons because I don’t know how to operate such things. The extent of my couponing is flipping through the Red Plum insert on Sunday mornings. And finally, I don’t have the answers to a happy marriage or the art of growing old.

So if you weren’t wondering before why someone like myself would embark on a blogging escapade, you are now. And you are not alone. I myself don’t fully understand why I chose to start a blog or am capable of comprehending the outcome. I don’t know where this writing may lead, what path I plan to tread, or what tomorrow will hold.

But there, my friends, is the beauty, and there is the inspiration. That is LIFE. And I myself am in a deep, confusing, and spiritual relationship with life. And here’s what I know about it, it’s not much and it’s not novel but here it is.: Life is a journey and the destination is now. Buckle up because it’s a rocky road with a breathtaking view and I want to share it with you. See you along the way.



2 thoughts on “What to Say…

  1. How do you take words and transport hearts and minds somewhere else so beautiful? Keep writing and sharing Kelsey…you have such an amazing talent for it! I love you!


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